Call to Action 2020

Feminist BLOCKade
German perpetrators are not victims
The bombing of Dresden marks its 75th anniversary on February 13. It was part of the anti-fascist fight against the Nazi regime. Nazis, other right-wingers, and bourgeois, so-called centrists try, in different ways, to maintain a myth that portrays German perpetrators as victims.
Our answer: anti-fascist resistance!
Part of right-wing and bourgeois structures is their anti-feminism. In some cases, their imagination does not go farther than insufficient quota for women in supervisory boards.
We want to oppose this with a practical anti-fascist feminism that challenges capitalism, antisemitism, racism, fascism and all their intertwinements. Unfortunately, we face conscious and semi-conscious sexism, ignorance and devaluation of feminist positions also in anti-fascist contexts. Thus, we want to strengthen feminist positions; we want to organize, protest, and block more feministly!
Therefore, our answer: feminist anti-fascist resistance!
We want to show this resistance February 7 – 16 with a feminist week of action.
Within the context of the week of action, we call upon you for autonomous feminist anti-fascist actions. Part of this week of action will be an action training on February 8 (open for all genders) and an action training on February 1 for WLINT (women and lesbian, intersex, non-binary, transgender people) – that is, people who experience sexist oppression). Prior to the week of action, the Ermittlungsausschuss (committee of enquiry) will give important information on activism and repression on February 4.
On February 15, we will demonstrate against the Nazi march as a feminist block – and we will block more feministly.
In this feminist setting, childcare, a place for retreat, and a follow-up evaluation will be offered.
Further information, e.g. regarding specific events, can be found on our website:
We are part of the alliance of action February 13, 2020. You can find important information also on their website:
On February 13, be ready to protest on Altmarkt and other places in Dresden.
Build the feminist antifascist resistance – Feminist BLOCKade!
For questions and feedback:
Twitter: @femblockdd

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