Child Care

We’re offering childcare for the 15.02. from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Please write an email to to register children for the care. Please also write to us how old the children are and from when to when they would stay with childcare. (And also please write to the email address if you read this and can imagine looking after children.)

We want young people to have a good and relaxing time with us and to remember that positively.
We strive to offer a cozy room with retreat options. We take care of lunch, drinks, snacks, play and relaxation opportunities. If you could bring along thick socks or slippers that would be great! Otherwise, you yourself can take care of what the child wants to have with them and bring with them so that they feel comfortable. In itself, it is possible to regulate and arrange the support individually with you, so please write to us.
We need the contact, i.e. telephone number and name, from the carers. In the event that unforeseen, time-delaying things happen or the children e.g. feel longing, you should specify a reachable person and contact.
If you would like for us to take care of a child and get in touch with us, you will receive a registration slip that is best filled in and printed.
We will be happy to answer any further questions by email.

Why childcare?

We want people who are responsible for children to be able to take to the streets and take action. For us it is a central part of feminist theory and practice to solve these tasks collectively and not to leave them in the supposedly private. Above all, gender relations regulate who takes care of care work – or also repro work (reproduction work) – such as childcare, emotional care, provision of food, etc. and who does not. And thus also who has the opportunity to concentrate on other things and to choose more freely what they want to do.

We are sorry that childcare is so late this year. As a WLINT (Women, Lesbian, Inter, Non-Binary, Trans) organisation group, we deliberately did not want to undertake any repro work this year and instead wanted to encourage other structures to appreciate this work more and to feel responsible for it. Unfortunately, this only worked to a limited extent – also due to misunderstandings and a lack of communication.

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