Speech February 15th

Speech by Feministischer BLOCKieren February 15th

Today, for the 21st time, a Nazi march will take place in Dresden regarding February 13th. A Nazi march that was once one of the largest in Europe and for which Europe-wide arrivals have taken place. February 13th is the ideal symbol for organized neo-nazi structures and for all adherents of fascist ideologies. The ideal symbol to create a German Volk of fate and suffering and to use a collective, nationalist memory to support national identity. It is the ideal occasion for fascists to gain social space. They seize this space again and again in all their violence – through attacks, murders, fascist structures in already fascist-oriented institutions such as the police and military, by spreading their deeply hostile ideology. An ideology that provides for the extermination of people and classifies them like no other worth living and not worth living. With this ideology, they link directly to the Nazi regime and continue the Nazi propaganda in their commemorative marches and other commemorative events such as their week of action around February 13th – also with regard to a complete reversal of perpetrator-victim, their relativization , denial and justification of the Shoa and their concept of what they call allied “bomb terror”.

The first registered Nazi memorial march took place in 1999 to the Frauenkirche. Already in the first year after the air raid by the Allies, official civil commemorative events took place, which continued in the GDR and after 1990 and still take place today – and with hardly any changes. At this point around February 13th it also becomes clear how close neo-Nazi and civic commemoration and understanding can be. The city and many of its citizens are using the Nazi march to legitimize their own commemoration: civil, supposedly democratic commemoration? Good. Nazi commemoration and Nazi march? Bad. In doing so, they deny that they too strengthen the victim myth and stand in the way of actually taking on of responsibility and social change. As always, the officials only complain when public perception could be damaged and Dresden can pretend to be – as they say – a “cosmopolitan and colorful city”.
The so-called “neutral” middle of society – whatever that is supposed to be – often not only has historically distorting views regarding February 13th, but often wants to make present-day society even more exploitative and oppressive. A particularly visible example of this is the AfD, which connects with both Nazis and parties like the CDU. The middle class is therefore not in the middle (whatever that means) and also not neutral – the so-called middle has always been connectable for the right. This is currently being proven once again. The AfD wants an unjust society and shows this openly. The events in Thuringia have once again shown how fluid the transition from CDU/FDP to AfD is. At this point we send solidary greetings to Erfurt for the Unteilbardemo! Not only the most obvious Nazis are the problem! Taking responsibility for yesterday and today together – questioning the overall social context!

Part of the story of February 13th and the victim myth is also the story of anti-fascist resistance. This history of anti-fascist resistance also shows how Nazi parades should be dealt with. Anti-fascist protests against the victim myth and the commemoration of February 13th started in 1993 from other cities. Broad protest was initially only possible to a limited extent and was partly blocked by left-wing revisionism – that is, by people who demand a just and better world, but who only want to see the supposedly individual fate and suffering of people on February 13th and thereby lose sight of the context and the social dimension. Exactly this revision of history has been a topic in Dresden since 2000, including by the Antifa Research Team: Better a bomb on the head than Auschwitz. The Nazi march was stopped for the first time in 2006 by blockades, in 2010 it was prevented for the first time by blockades. These blockades worked mainly through massive chaos in the city, burning cars and a very large mass of anti-fascists who took part on the street and in the organization. After the successful blockades, the Nazi march has become smaller and smaller and has become less relevant. Only through the developments of the past few years and the shift to the right has the march again become more relevant – and this is where anti-fascist resistance must start to prevent further strengthening! However, this can only happen if the supposed neutrality of the center is attacked at the same time – and the social power structures on which fascism is based. The question must be asked: what kind of society is this that produces Nazis? Antisemitism, racism, sexism and capitalism must be understood as structures by which society is organized – which produce its injustice, its oppression and its exploitation. That make a good life for everyone impossible. These structures have to be consistently scrutinized and dismantled at all levels – and only in this way will we take away the breeding ground for an even worse society for Afd and other Nazis.

Radical resistance to these social power structures – regardless of whether the focus is on anti-racism, anti-fascism, feminism, class struggle or climate justice – is not only made very difficult – it is repeatedly attacked and criminalized. Attacked and criminalized by supposedly democratic structures, which are boldly claimed to be for justice. These attacks and criminalization are also carried out by the police – a structure whose connection to fascism cannot be denied.
In the past few days, this criminalization through police operations has become more than clear. The “Täter*innenspurenmahngang” was followed by a disproportionate amount of police last Sunday and only a day later the feminist city tour was unexpectedly visited by cops who wanted to “accompany” a tour of a maximum of 15 people without a reason and the tour has been without cops for years. Or have the Hopon hopoff bus tours recently been accompanied by the police? How threatening and uncontrolled the police can behave was also evident on February 13th when an anti-fascist was several times almost hit by a police car. This is an encroachment on public space, that wants to take space from anti-fascist protest – and give the space to Nazis. These police strategies are intimidating – but we won’t let them intimidate us! No matter how many laws you enact, no matter how much money you want to have to arrest us, no matter how much you threaten us – we will do it anyways! Because we stand united in solidarity and solidarity is a weapon! The state monopoly on violence and the police enforced by fascist structures are still to be abolished!
This anti-fascist resistance from recent years clearly shows what to do with Nazis: namely, consistent blocking! And on all levels!

These blockades at all levels must – as already mentioned – be directed against the conditions in society as a whole. To attack these social power structures means to understand them in their entirety. And that also means that anti-racism, anti-fascism, feminism, class struggle or climate justice cannot and must not be thought of separately. Today we are working on these connections with the feminist bloc and the climate justice bloc – in Erfurt they are also working on it. Implementing feminist antifascism in theory and practice is currently an opportunity for us to work with a broader feminist understanding and a broader antifascist understanding. Feministischer Blockieren sees a broad feminist movement as capable of fundamentally questioning and unhinging society as it is – in order to make it more just for everyone!
We are fighting for a broad feminist movement that takes antifascist responsibility against nationalism in the past and present and has the potential to work through history and to oppose conservative and right-wing interests. Perpetratorship was not only cis-male and neither is the anti-fascist resistance. Let’s go out on the streets together and put an end to the victim myth! We want to prevent the Nazi march together in solidarity and in a feminist way! And that’s exactly what we’re going to do today! We also call for further anti-fascist feminist struggles against the supposed neutrality of the middle class, against the AfD, Nazis and other right-wing groups and parties – today, the day after tomorrow and the rest of the year.
For resistance to fascism and national consensus! German perpetrators are not victims!
Against all antisemitism – down with Germany and for feminism!

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