+++++ rally cancelled +++++

We have decided, due to the rising numbers of Covid-19 cases, to cancel the rally on Sunday at the place of the bookstore. We will instead publish an informatory report here and at evibes.org. As soon as the situation will be more appropriate to do so without concern, we will carry our protests into the streets of Loschwitz!

10 to 13:30 o’clock
Friedrich-Wieck-Straße 6, 01326 Dresden
Pot-luck: feel free to bring your own breakfast

BuchHaus Loschwitz, lead by Susanne Dagen, is an important node in the right-wing antifeminist scene in Dresden. Dagen represents her right-wing position as city council member of Freien Wähler in Dresden and maintains strong connections to the Pegida and EinProzent (“onepercent”) network. The bookstore BuchHaus Loschwitz has served as the venue for the “Aufgeblättert. Zugeschlagen – Mit Rechten lesen” (eng. “Opened. Shut – reading with the right), which, under a bourgeois guise, offers right-wing intellectuals a stage. We want to uncover Dresden’s right-wing networks and will be present at BuchHaus Loschwitz on the 25th of October. Come in large numbers to show the new right scene in Dresden that we do not accept their inhuman ideologies!
Pegida has been around for 6 years now – and we want to protest loudly against the fact that the right-wing network around Pegida has been expanding in Dresden since 2014. Pegida is only a part of the new right movement in Dresden. This also includes the AfD, the Freie Wähler (“free voters”, political party), Dresden fraternities, the 1 Prozent (“one percent”) network, the IB (“Identitäre Bewegung”, “identity movement”) and many other groups and individuals. These right-wing actors under the guise of bourgeois intellectuals must not remain hidden. Come to our rally on October 25th at the Loschwitzer BuchHaus or to the bicycle demo in Löbtau. You can find all the information about the exact places and times on social media under the hashtag #GuckMal

6 years of PEGIDA – 6 years of misanthropy!

This year Pegida will enter their 7th year. With the first demonstration of the “Patriotischen Europäer gegen die Islamisierung des Abendlandes” (“Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West”) on October 20, 2014, a turning point began for Dresden. The mobilization did not come from nowhere. Protests against refugee homes had already formed before, e.g. in Schneeberg or in Ottendorf-Okrilla. With PEGIDA, the most diverse right-wing groups, initiatives and protests found a common moment of crystallization – the largest racist mobilization in Germany after the end of Nazi regime was constituted.

What happened after that is still vivid in the memory of all anti-fascists active at that time. The newly gained self-confidence of the right through the thousandfold mobilization at the end of 2014 broke through the following year in hundreds of arson attacks, assaults and demonstrations. Heidenau, Freital and Clausnitz – Gruppe Freital, Revolution Chemnitz and the Free Comradeship Dresden became ciphers for the racist continuities since National Socialism. Not only did they bring up the images of Hoyerswerda and Rostock-Lichtenhagen again, but are also linked in terms of personnel and ideology to the racist mobilizations in the early 1990s.

The normalization of right-wing agitation

The images of Germany, “Reichskriegs-” and Identity flags are now just as normal in the Dresden cityscape as the reconstructed Frauenkirche. PEGIDA has institutionalized itself in over 200 demonstrations and rallies. The protest has leveled out with fewer than a thousand participants and follows a strictly ritualized form. Hardly any new sounds can be heard from the stage and the big names who were still trying to stand next to Lutz Bachmann and Siegfried Däbritz on the stage in 2014/15 are now missing. With Björn Höcke’s speech at the beginning of the year, PEGIDA was able to mobilize a higher number of people for the first time in a long time. The heated, aggressive and violent atmosphere that day was reminiscent of PEGIDA’s old times.

Two days after Höcke’s speech, the right-wing terrorist attack occurred in Hanau. This one, the murders in Halle and of the CDU member Walter Lübcke are the result of a social radicalization that cannot be viewed in isolation from the daily agitation by PEGIDA. The daily racist violence in Dresden, the latest escalation of which is the knife attack on two visitors to a FreeParty in the Heide, can be traced back to the atmosphere created by PEGIDA and other actors.

PEGIDA in downturn, but the network is thriving

However, PEGIDA itself has passed its zenith. Occasionally, various right-wing actors like Björn Höcke, One Percent or the Identitarian Movement use the stage – but it seems more like a functional relationship to an old love that has long since cooled down. While the first birthdays were filled with a full program that could mobilize well over 10,000 people, in 2019 an untalented IB rapper, Martin Sellner and the IB multifunctional Alex Malenki had to keep the few retirees happy. No speakers have yet been named for this year’s birthday. It can be assumed that even fewer people will find their way to Neumarkt than last year.

Despite the weakness of PEGIDA, the right has gained strength in Dresden and Saxony. A differentiated, right-wing network was able to develop in the PEGIDA environment. Although this does not appear so present in the cityscape, it still takes on important functions of right-wing discourse. The actors in this network are often politically active for many years and come from the ranks of the NPD, among others. For PEGIDA or the AfD in the state parliament, they are the source of ideas and keywords. They benefit from PEGIDA in financial form or through the influx of people. The dangerous influence of this network should not be underestimated.

Against the new normal

We, a union of various anti-fascist and feminist groups, want to split this network. We want to break new ground. For us, this path means not only focusing on the marches, but also looking at the network behind them. The PEGIDA birthday is a good occasion for this. On this day we will visit various network locations and make it clear and loud that racism and Nazis do not only exist in the city center squares on Monday evening, but are anchored in the city with fixed properties and spaces and have various forms of expression. We will not only provide information on the PEGIDA birthday itself, but also in the week before about individuals and groups who were already active before PEGIDA and who now take on important functions in the background.

Since we of course also know about the importance of thousands of racists and misanthropists in the city center, we will then take part in the protests against the PEGIDA birthday. We stand in solidarity with the activists of HOPE and Nationalismus raus aus den Köpfne (“nationalism out of our heads”), who regularly organize counter-protests and are repeatedly exposed to attacks by the police and PEGIDA.
But before that, #GUCKMAL (#lookatthat) – Uncover the right network around PEGIDA!